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How We Treat Woodworm


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Treating Woodworm

The most important part of dealing with woodworm is making sure the correct treatment is used. It’s important to identify woodworm properly as there are various types. Once we are happy with the diagnosis of woodworm, we can provide the most effective treatment.

Methods of Removing and Killing Woodworm

There are many ways of getting rid of woodworm. At Fixrot.co.uk, we always opt for the water-based spray treatment due to its efficiency in killing woodworm. An advantage for property owners is that it allows re-entery into the treated area just two hours after the treatment has been complete. To treat the wood and timbers, our technicians will enter the infected area to initially prepare for the treatment. Preparation involves:

  • Moving furniture
  • Gaining full access to the room
  • Taking up floor boards is necessary
  • Cleaning timber so it is free of dust

Once our technicians are happy, they will protect themselves with the most appropriate protective equipment and begin spraying the water-based treatment directly onto the wood. The solution is absorbed into the wood over a period of about an hour, killing and getting rid of all living woodworm and eggs near the surface. Any woodworm that is already deep inside the wood will be killed as they eat through the treated timber. The solution and treatment is guaranteed for 30 years, giving you peace of mind that the treatment is effective.