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What Causes Dry Rot


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Is your home in danger from Dry Rot?

Dry Rot can affect all types of properties regardless of their age as long as the right conditions are present, allowing it to flourish and spread. These conditions are a food source (timber), oxygen, moisture and heat. In optimal conditions, Dry Rot can grow up to one meter per month and have a devastating effect on your home’s structure and stability.

Understanding the causes of Dry Rot can help you assess if your home is in danger of a dangerous outbreak.

Have you noticed a high level of moisture or damp smell on your property?

There are a number of problems that contribute to dangerous levels of dampness:
a)Penetrating Damp from leaking roof or defective rainwater goods,
b)Rising Damp from lack of damp-proof course in your walls,
c)Condensation from insufficient ventilation in hard to access areas like under floors.
d)Where there is damp and timber, there soon will be a Rot problem. If you can see a lot of dampness on your property or in the basement, there is a good chance you might already have a Dry Rot outbreak.

In order to fully assess the situation, we recommend booking a home survey. We can identify both Dry Rot and Wet Rot and will suggest the best course of action in treating the Rot and its underlying causes.

We always recommend the best way to deal with any excess dampness to ensure your home remains safe. This way, we can help prevent any future outbreaks.

All of our work comes with an up to 30 years guarantee offered.
Once Dry Rot has infested timber, it can be extremely difficult to prevent it from spreading like fire. It takes the right knowledge and the appropriate specialist treatment to completely eradicate the infection and prevent it from returning.