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How We Treat Dry Rot


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Dry Rot is not easy to identify and even more difficult to treat.

It is rather difficult to identify the difference between Wet and Dry rot, but it’s also crucial that an infestation is correctly identified. Different types of Rot require different treatment methods and have different rates of growth spread patterns. Since Dry Rot is far more devastating and widespread, it’s an immediate danger to a structural integrity of your house.

The best course of action is always to seek specialist advice. Having a professional survey and treat the affected area will ensure the safety of your home and also guarantee structural integrity for years to come.

At FixRot we have 15 years of experience identifying and treating Dry Rot outbreaks. Our experienced engineers and technicians will survey your house free of charge, and advice suitable solutions tailored to your needs. Because we’re confident in our work, we provide up to 30 years guarantee on all of our work through the Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantee.

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Maybe you’ve noticed dangerous levels of dampness on your property and you feel there might be a Dry Rot issue.

What does the procedure look like?

FixRot’s trained professionals and rot specialists will be happy to:

01 Survey on your property to assess source of damp, infestation of Rot and other structural dangers to your house.

You can book your survey here and we will dispatch a team within 24h. Our engineers will analyse signs of dampness or rot and advice on how to proceed with possible rot outbreaks.

02 Gain access to infected areas.

This includes damaged wood and plaster removal by a highly trained staff. This allows us to assess and treat the affected wood under floorboards, stairs or in walls and basements.

03 Address underlying causes of dampness

Our survey, apart from assessing the level of rot, will identify potential sources of increased moisture

Lack of damp-proof lining/material causing Rising Dampness Inadequate ventilation and subsequent Condensation Leaks or holes in the roof or gutters leading to Permeating Dampness.

Regulating the dampness and drying the infected areas of timber are keys to stopping further spread of dry rot and preventing future outbreaks from ever present dormant spores.

04 Gain access to infected areas.

After we gained access to an affected area and addressed the underlying cause of your rot infestation, it’s time to treat the affected wood with professional pastes (masonry biocides and fungicides) that will kill Dry Rot for good.

The substances will affect all the growing rot but not the dormant spores floating in the air. That’s why it is so vital to address the underlying causes of Dry Rot outbreak by waterproofing the area against future dampness.

05 Remove and replace damaged structures.

Having treated the timber, one of the final procedures we undertake is to remove wood and structural parts that can no longer ensure safety of your home. We then replace the affected timber and consider other metalwork methods to isolate structural timbers.

06 Improve ventilation

Dry Rot requires high level moisture to survive. One of the methods to fight dry rot is to improve the ventilation within the affected area and the rest of the property. Air flow will help dry the wood and prevent future outbreaks.

07 We clean and reinstall removed floors and plaster.

Clients often worry about having their house gutted and being left with a huge mess to clean. We strive to provide the best customer care and leave your house looking as good as new.

You can rest easy knowing your house is safe for a long, long time. We provide upto 30 year Guarantee on all our works through Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantee.