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Fixrot.co.uk Guarantees

Here at Fixrot.co.uk our guarantee is covered by Sovereign Chemicals who are the market leaders in the field of chemical damp proof coursing, façade treatment and remedial timber treatment products.

We have been thoroughly vetted and approved by Sovereign because we carry consistently high standards of work, using the highest quality products, and providing exceptional customer care.

Sovereign Chemicals founded in 1965, has an impeccable reputation and a Royal Warrant as well as the prestigious British Standards Registered Firm status.

Since 1976 it also offers its Sovereign Protection Scheme by ensuring the highest standards of workmanship and customer care. Over half a million satisfied property owners can attest to the effectiveness of Sovereign Chemicals products and their Protection Scheme Guarantee.

When choosing our services you will be able to select a Sovereign Protection Scheme best suited for you. We offer up to 30 years of Guarantee (10, 20 or 30 years) on damp proofing and coating treatments, and a 10 years Guarantee on facade renovation. The one time only fee is based on the original contract value and it’s always included in the estimate we provide.

As one of the Sovereign Approved Contractors we provide the best available practices, products and team of specialists to ensure your house is safe for many years to come.

Once the Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantee has been issued the property is covered against recurrence of the original problem for the full term of the Guarantee.

In case of any recurrence of the initial problem, further servicing and re treatments will be covered by Sovereign and supplied by the current contractor, and if they no longer operate, Sovereign will arrange for the necessary works to be carried out by another Sovereign Approved Contractor.
You can rest easy knowing that whatever happens the  Guarantees will hold and your property will be well protected.