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Basement Waterproofing & Tanking


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As leading experts in our field of Basement Waterproofing in Dumfries, here at Fixrot.co.uk we use high quality equipment to waterproof basements and cellars in domestic and commercial properties throughout Dumfries & Galloway, South of Scotland and North of England, including the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas.

Basement waterproofing, also known as tanking, is a process used to stop structures or properties built at ground level or below from leaking as a result of water pressure. Our two main methods of tanking include:

  1. Cementitious structural waterproofing
  2. Cavity drain membrane

With years of experience caring for properties, our experts can determine which method would be most suitable for your property with a thorough damp survey. For further information about damp proofing, or to arrange a free, no obligation survey, simply contact our expert team today.

01 Cementitious Structural Waterproofing

  • A waterproof layer of plaster is applied to the structure to prevent moisture from penetrating through the wall.
  • This method can only be used if the structure of the building can withstand the added pressure from water already present in the walls.
  • The building must be in a stable environment (no subsidence) and should not be subject to vibrations which may cause the plaster to crack and leak.

02 Cavity Drain Membrane

  • A waterproof membrane is attached to the walls so moisture will drain to a location where it can be easily pumped out.
  • This method is ideal if your structure cannot withstand the added pressure of water against the walls, or if your home is subject to vibrations.