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Recent Flood Damage Repair Dumfries & Galloway


Recent Flood Damage Repair Dumfries & Galloway

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Recent flood damage job in Sibbaldbie, Dumfries and Galloway.

The property was flooded due to a human error. The Council was re-laying the road at the side of the house without fitting a proper drainage. The pressure from groundwater was too much and flooding happened twice within a few weeks.

Desperate house owner turned to her insurance company and they passed it on to a ‘loss assessing’ firm. The latter sent contractors to restore the property to its original state but failed to do so.

We were called to provide a survey and examine some of the work that has been done. What we found on the site was a ‘disgrace’ (see picture).

The property, all the walls and floors, were soaking wet and the workmanship was unprofessional and further damaging the house.

The homeowner had already signed the dotted line to say she was happy with the work. “I just wanted them out my house” she told us. She gave up and decided to avoid further damages to her property provided by the bad 3rd party contractors.

We felt extremely sorry for a homeowner who was highly distressed and who gave up on recovering any of her money. We decided to help her out and contest the poor workmanship and its damaging effects on the property ourselves. 5 weeks of fighting and meeting after meeting, and we finally got the job done and the insurers to fulfill their duties.

We performed a full strip of the property and applied a proper tanking solution on the walls, before restoring the rest of the house to its original state. You can see our battle and the final results on the pictures below. Moral of this story is, if you had a flood get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can repair your property and save you the stress of dealing with the bad contractors who cause further damages.

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